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The Dream that Jack built...

Back in the late 1940's and '50's, Archers in South Africa, and surrounding countries, found purchasing their own equipment and accessories difficult and most times, frustrating. Opening parcels received from overseas often revealed items that definitely did not resemble what was required!

At this point, in the mid-50's, a retired Major from the Army's intelligence service, Jack Booysen, had joined the Berea Park Archery Club in Pretoria. Jack had a dream...to be of assistance in various ways to those interested in the sport of Archery in our country. He discussed his ideas with a number of Toxopholites and having been given the green light by his good lady, Jutta (she became a Springbok Lady Archer in 1958), he was on his way - importing, servicing and advising on equipment and accessories.

Through his interest in the Sport, he not only became an Instructor and then Coach - Nationally and Internationally, but also served on the World Archery Association as a FITA Judge and was a member of the FITA Rule Drafting Committee. He also became President of the S.A. National Archery Association. All these posts he held up to his death on 29th April, 1976.

And Jack's Dream continues...

Jack's Archery Supplies still exists, in a slightly changed format, and has upheld Jack's main aim, being, the Development of the Sport of Archery through various fields, amongst all members of our nation and other African countries. Hence the establishment of a new subsection...

The Archery Advancer (in the person of Ria and her assistants), which offers various archery equipment and advise on same, as well as support by staging an Archery Section...
as a back up for Team Building;
as a fun base at an Adventure Camp;
as a fun base at Youth, Guides, Scouts, Voortrekkers, Church, Family reunion camps etc.
and of course...
training in various areas
details listed under training.

Home Bases
A. The Active Side is at the Derdepoort Boogbaan. situate at Plot 124, Derdepoort in the N.E of Pretoria. - 3.5 km east from the N1 on the old road to Cullinan (Zambezi extension east) where we offer:
a Standard Bow Archery Range;
two additional long distance lanes (up to 90m) for FITA archers.
ample space to stage various fun shoots from time to time i.e.archery golf, flight shoots etc

The Range is...
open by appointment and at a fee, to all archers, casual or serious, non-members, club members, country members, and those interested in having a shot or two to "try it out";
Home to the Golden Arrow Club which was founded on 5th February, 1971 by Maj. Jack Booysen. It went into recess when the grounds it shared with the Berea Park Archery Club, was lost to archery due to development of the new road structure at the time, but has now re-opened. If you are interested in joining this club please contact Ria...details under contact us.

B. The Administrative and Accounting Side done via Ria's office in the east of Pretoria..
Advise Desk on all aspects of starting a club...., keeping the correct records; training required: types of equipment available and required by clubs, adventure camps, schools, individuals etc.
The Running of the Archery Schools National Postal League. If you have not as yet been contacted in this regard, please contact us and come on line! It is open to:

a) all young archers, who need to discuss their representation for and with their schools, and the registration of same.
b) Schools accepting archery as a school sport will be given advise on the setting up of a range and the purchasing of the correct equipment at the best prices and the alternative of assistance given until such time as this can take place.
c) Training of teachers/parents to become official instructors or archery assistants at the school and the assistance that can be given until this happens.

Jacks Archery supplies orders for archery equipment can be made telephonically and can, by arrangement, be collected from either Plot 124 or Ria's office, or delivery of same can be made via post or as arranged.